Song of the Month! Woo-hooo! Yaaaaaaay!


In an announcement that is certain to bring the Internet down to it’s knees, Slida’s Song of the Month is going live today! Free music from someone you’ve never heard of on the Internet! It’s unprecedented!

But seriously, I am finally in music making mode after a long hiatus, and the creation of at least one reasonably complete song a month is one of my goals for the year 2013. I have read a million times that announcing ones plans to do something will strengthen one’s resolve to do that thing, so I have decided to blog about it once a month as well, and make an attempt to draw attention to it for a weekend. I think that approach might work better if people were actually paying attention, but worth a shot(if you are paying attention and have actually read this far, you are super, super awesome).

One of my bigger issues with completing pieces of music, is that I never feel they are(and I’m pretty much always right) complete, and the specific kind of music I want to make normally doesn’t lend itself to quick completion. By vowing to release a song a month, I am essentially forcing myself to get one specific song into good enough shape to present to people every month, and also forcing myself to move on,for the time being, rather than constantly fiddling with it, until I can’t stand listening to it anymore and abandon it.

[more explanations redacted]

In true me fashion, this is the third different mix I’ve uploaded in the last 3 days. I call it an enhanced demo,as I would be working on this for at least another month, I imagine, if I hadn’t started doing this super exciting thing!


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