Mr. Bird Saves the World


One day I was bugging my 11yr old niece to draw me a picture. She has a natural talent at it, but she doesn’t really draw all that much. So she started working on a picture of two birds that she chose from one of her drawing books. The second bird was not lined up correctly with the first, and she used a ruler to draw a straight line. She thought it looked like the bird was shooting a laser out of its eyes and art suddenly started happening.  She made a spy/superhero character called “Mr. Bird”, started making up a story and designed a logo for him. I suggested that I could make a song for the intro to the future cartoon. I filed it away to work on in the future, but she started texting me asking me if I was working on it, so  I decided I better get to work and try to finish it by the next time I saw her. Easier said than done, but 20 some odd hours later and working right up to the last second, I had something that was at least acceptable and was well on the way to being really good.

It went over quite well with everyone, the intro and chorus were just ok, but the verses were really exciting. So, I have been trying to fix the other parts of the song with some success. I don’t believe I have gotten all the way there yet, but I need to work on other things and forget about this for a while. It is some of my best work yet!

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