“Impossible” is a continuation of a story started in my previous song ( ). “Entropy” had such a specific subject matter and was pretty dramatic,   with the singer was becoming increasingly unglued by the end, vowing to “turn back time” in some way.  “Impossible” is the protagonist(?) , having more or less gone completely mad, actually attempting to build some sort of “time reversal” machine. The song itself is meant to represent the machine and is an attempt to put the listener into a weird, underground laboratory, listening to this mad scientist rant while he works on this strange contraption.

When I started I only had one lyrical line, and the idea of having some sort of oscillating sound going throughout the whole song, which I spent some time trying to get right. It is an unnaturally low, looped,  flute sound. From there it was one of those creations that just seems to grow by itself. My vocal performance was a spontaneous reaction to how the song sounded. I spent a lot of time on the guitar solos, because I couldn’t get them right, because I am not much of a guitar player. However, the frustration of having to do them over and over actually ended up serving the song perfectly as it caused them to evolve, and injected them with emotion that fit with the song.

Really, a very fortuitous creation. When I am able to make things like this, it causes me to question where creativity actually comes from. It feels weird to take credit for making it, like taking credit for winning the lottery when all I did was buy a ticket.

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