Unsolicited Westworld theories(spoilers)

I have become fascinated with the new tv show Westworld, like many people. And like many of the nerdier type people, I have been developing theories about what is “really going on”, and I thought I would put them in a blog post rather than just spout them out on social media, possibly ruining other people’s experiences of the show. So, if you’re reading this, you have been warned of its contents and are presumably interested. This is being written with the assumption that whoever is reading is watching the show and doesn’t contain any information as to what the show is about, or what I think it is trying to accomplish as a piece of art(very ambitious on this front), or trying to give a complete overview of every single element of the show, but rather just trying to figure out certain elements from my nerdy perspective, and will probably not be expertly written. ūüôā



Westworld is like Skyrim, but  live-action.

Dolores is no longer an NPC. She is playing the game, with outside assistance. Westworld(the hosts at least) can be paused. She is being “paused” and interrupted in order to complete whatever her mission might be. This accounts for the “breaks” in her consciousness and the appearance and disappearance of certain characters and elements. She gets shot, then suddenly is not shot and is put back in the game a few moments before it happened and she avoids it. The game is paused when the villain host is about to rape her, and his gun is put into her hands. This is essentially how you play games like this, you learn what happens and change your strategy to account for it. ¬†Dolores is completely self-aware within the game,¬†and is acting on her own interests(or is she? I suppose not, but she is out of her loop),¬†but is still subject to outside control ¬†because she is a computer. Via Arnold, I suppose.

Bernard and Theresa:

Bernard is definitely an android, or cyborg, I suppose. This is alluded to at least a couple of times. Ford warns Theresa that Bernard has a “sensitive disposition”. It is mentioned that Bernard has been there “forever” on a couple of occasions. Bernard is not old enough to have been there for a period of time where “forever” would make sense. Bernard also has a pat, simple backstory that is quite vague. Ford brings up the loss of his son more than once when they have talked, which seems like a pretty cruel thing to do to a “real” person, but I think is some sort of cue to get Bernard “back on track”.

I suspect that Theresa is also “not real”. She is shown more than once essentially doing nothing but sitting and smoking a cigarette in her living quarters, and then “activating” when contacted. I am positive about Bernard, but my case for Theresa isn’t quite as strong, she is a bit more ambiguous.

The Man in Black:

I don’t have a good theory about who the Man in Black is. However, his narrative is a result of him playing the game over and over. So the story that we are seeing involved multiple game plays on his part which we are not shown. This is why, up to a point, he is able to navigate everything so pat and perfect. He is clearly playing(and playing with) the narrative that Ford is shown building, so I assume it is in the future(the present) and we are seeing the past in the “real world”. It would appear that he is currently in new territory and no longer knows what’s going to happen.

William and Logan:

The other two “real players” William and Logan, are also playing Ford’s narrative. All “human” characters are candidates to be androids, but Logan seems like the best candidate out of these two. He is one-note and cartoony. William and Logan’s(and Dolores’s) narrative is leading to Dolores being captured by Wyatt, the situation that is driving the new, “improved” Teddy that is with the Man in Black. This suggests that the Man in Black and the other two are not playing exactly concurrently. What does that mean for the theory that the Man in Black is William? Not sure, but I think not. Dolores is out of the loop, and the Man in Black seems to be at least partially responsible for her awakening. He did not rape Dolores in the flashback, but rather, did something else to her while she was still in her loop. Since he is shown confronting her with his current appearance, it means she was still in her loop, which, it seems, ends in her death every time. Since Dolores is now playing the game, it is possible that we are seeing the result of many¬†iterations of her gameplay as well. From the beginning she has set William up to get her where she’s trying to go.

William and Logan are shown with “Lawrence” while he is also with the Man in Black, but it is possible that William and Logan are playing just slightly ahead of the Man in Black, rather than several years sooner, as is suggested by the logos. The logos could also mean that there are multiple copies of the park.


Everyone is a potential android candidate, his obvious age would seem to exclude him, but I am not so certain. The Man in Black makes a comment about what he would find if he opened him(Ford) up when they confront each other. This is curious. The android Teddy protects ¬†him, but you could easily program the androids to recognize other androids as “guests”, as there is no readily apparent difference. He is shown as a young man, so presumably he at least existed as a “real” person at one point.


Maeve has gone “meta” and is playing the “real world” game. I’m not certain if this has anything to do with Arnold, did she hear his voice? ¬†I think that perhaps there are multiple conspiracies.This latest show was called “The Adversary”, which could refer to Maeve herself or perhaps to another player on the meta level. The comically named “Felix and Sylvester”(there are internet rumblings about the mentions of cats in the narrative, Felix and Sylvester are famous cartoon cats, so… Felix was a magic cat with a bag of tricks, Sylvester was of course obsessed with devouring Tweety Bird, so make of that what you will) ¬†are a bit suspicious, they are only shown interacting with the Maeve android, and there are other engineers shown at other times. Don’t have a great deal of insight into what’s happening here. She is not part of the big narrative within Westworld, and appears to be doing her own thing, but it also clearly being interfered with by someone. Perhaps with her intelligence boost she has figured it all out.

Elsie and Sizemore:

They are both human. Why? They are both shown urinating explicitly. This seems like a tell to me. Was Theresa ever urinating? I can’t remember. Anyway, there is doesn’t seem to be any other purpose to making a point of this.

I think it maybe be possible that there are multiple iterations of Westworld throughout the world, like there is more than one Disney park, and that the “copies” have some sort of shared communication with each other.

Everyone besides Elsie and Sizemore are android candidates, it would seem. This is a fascinating show. I suspect that the narrative within Westworld is telling the “true story” of what happened allegorically. After getting to binge on the first 5 episodes I’m now in the same boat as everyone who has been watching it and getting strung out on information reveals. I’ve probably left some stuff out and gotten few details wrong, as I have not gone over the shows with a fine-tooth comb. ūüôā





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