Polka Dot Tail

Ween’s “The Mollusk”, is one of my all-time favorite albums. A sentiment shared by  10,000 people, according to an estimate that I just made up. Despite that fact, I have never owned it until now. I didn’t even have an illicit copy of it. An old roommate had it, and I listened to it a bajillion times over one summer. I essentially absorbed it, and have been carrying it around in my head ever since.

A few weeks ago I was poking around the internet for Ween-related stuff, discovered that the entire album was posted on YouTube, realized that I probably hadn’t listened to it in its entirety for at least a decade, and decided to give it a good listen(the album cover is so interesting to look at, it’s as good as a video). This delightfully disorienting ditty was the third song:

Somehow, I had completely forgotten that this song existed, so I had the rare treat of being surprised by a song twice.

The thing is, it’s not as if this was a song I didn’t like back then and suddenly discovered how good it was. I loved it back then. So I had this perhaps-never-felt-before feeling of being astonished by this music in the present, while simultaneously remembering how much I enjoyed listening to it in the past, while wondering how it was possible for me to forget something that I enjoyed so much. It’s like finding something I thought was lost forever, but wasn’t consciously aware was even missing.

Much like the singer of this song, I’m trying to explain something that can’t be verbalized, and could probably ramble on forever trying to come up with apt metaphors.

I think one of the points of music, especially psychedelic music, is to attempt to express  ideas and create states of mind that can’t be put into words. ‘Polka Dot Tail’  is both about an encounter with the strange, and, is actually an encounter with the strange itself. And a polka. 🙂


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