Acquired Brain Injury(second iteration)


My first blog post in nearly two years! That’s crazy. Since I recently had to move my website to another host, I thought it was time I wrote a little something.

A  few months ago I wanted to write and record a song in a day, quite a challenge for me.  I remembered coming up with a weird groove that I had never written a song for. I had named it Acquired Brain Injury after reading the term in a news article. I thought the idea of “acquiring” a brain injury kind of interesting, as if it was being specifically sought after.

An unexpected visitor had recently arrived and metaphorically supplied me with my own brain injury. Since it was someone I had wanted to see, I suppose it was acquired. xD

I was looking in one of my notebooks for an old song and I saw a song “Bite my tongue” that I had forgotten I wrote. It was about loving someone but not wanting to tell them because of the trouble it would cause. I decided that the line was somewhat appropriate for the song I was writing and “stole” it from past me. I ended up singing 3 songs at once, which might have been brilliant if my singing wasn’t so bad. 🙂

I was very happy with the results, but as usual, the vocals weren’t so hot, and that’s what people are listening to firstly so they need to be better. I thought I’d try to improve that this weekend. It is definitely improved! Made the song even stranger somehow. Since almost no one has listened to it, it’s new to essentially the whole world!

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